The Untold Story of Africa e-Magazine: 1000s Advertising Opportunities for Local Business

the untold story of Africa e-magazine
The Untold Story of Africa e-Magazine’s goal

Africa offers global and Africa-based companies exciting opportunities to access new growth markets with its young, fast-growing, increasingly urbanized population and rapid technology adoption. However, Africa’s business environment remains poorly understood. The images of skyscrapers, well-built roads and deluxe model cars are often absent in the mindset of worldwide audiences when it comes to Africa.

As its name suggests, The Untold Story of Africa, a Quarterly, Seasonal Online Publication, was born to provide the inside story on business in Africa and its future growth prospects. The e-Magazine editions propel executives to wake up every day with an outlook on regional opportunities that guides every steps they take to craft a strategy for doing business and nurture lasting relationships with local customers. Its aim is also to bring together buyers and suppliers and to create trust in African trade.

To turn these ideas and dreams into reality, we’ll be glad to have all Africa-based companies’ owners, CEO in all industries on board. What you need to do is telling your true brand stories and we will get the world to listen to you.

Digital Reach

The digital editions of The Untold Story of Africa will be available now on:

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Insight Statistics

The Untold Story of Africa E-Magazine Feautures

We delivers insights that’ll help you understand much more about who is consuming your content and how it is performing. So you will get a full picture of your market reach and impact.

John Wanamaker, one of the marketing greats, famously said: ‘Half of the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half’. While this was understandable a century ago, when it was first said, it should be a crime to say that today. Yet, the reality is that most small business do little if any tracking of advertising. Be ruthless with your ad spend by cutting the losers and riding the winners. Obviously, to know what’s losing and what’s winning, you need to be tracking and measuring.

Have you ever asked yourself questions like, ‘What’s a good response rate for direct mail?’ or ‘What kind of open rate should I expect when doing email marketing?’ My answer is always the same – it depends. Sometimes a 50% response rate is a disaster, and sometimes a 0.01 % response rate is a massive success. Response rates will vary dramatically depending on factors such as how relevant the message is to the target market, how compelling the offer is and how you came about the list you’re marketing to.

Instead of asking what a good response rate is, which is a nonsense question, they’re really asking, ‘How do I measure the success of my marketing campaign?’. So, how do you measure the success of a marketing campaign?

For the impatient, here’s the short answer: did the marketing campaign make you more money than it cost you? Another way of putting it is, what was the return on investment (ROI) in the marketing campaign? If it cost you more than you made (or will ever make) on this campaign, then it’s failure. If it cost you less than the profits you made as a result of the campaign, then it’s a success.

How to Advertise with The Untold Story of Africa e-Magazine?
  • Step 1: Send me your business stories, products’ images, video and the latest price tables at [email protected]
  • Step 2: A design preview will be sent to you for feedback and approval
  • Step 3: Enjoy your advertisement on our e-Magazine and wait for numerous emails and calls from your clients

How Much Does It Cost to Advertise in The Untold Story of Africa e-Magazine?

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, ‘How much does it cost to buy space in The Untold Story of Africa e-Magazine?’

Well, if you’re just beginning to plan your online advertising strategy, ballpark estimates can help you decide which channels are best suited for your business. We’ll discuss a few of your options, as well as how much you should expect to pay. Unless you have prior experience with SEO, a successful strategy requires hiring an experienced agency. The cost is typically a monthly rate, and can run anywhere from $500 – $5,000 per month.

Although email marketing is one of the oldest forms of Internet marketing, email still has one of the highest ROIs of any online channel, the amount you invest in it depends on the platform you choose, as well as who creates the content for your emails. Even if you choose to write and send the emails yourself, you’ll most likely need to use an email platform in order to reach all of your customers. Depending on how many subscribers you have, this can cost anywhere from $10 – $2500 per month.

Media is vital because it is by far the most expensive component of your marketing spend. It’s the bridge that connects your offer to your target market. Each of online media has its own idiosyncrasies and technicalities that you’re highly likely to mess up if you’re not experienced with it. It would be a tragedy to get the target market and offer right and then have your campaign flop because you messed up a technical detail in your media. What you don’t know will hurt you.

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The Untold Story of Africa e-Magazine shows off your work to potential clients and let them come to you.

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